Lauren Lindley



Lauren planted her roots in her hometown on the outskirts of the Philadelphia Skyline and in the edginess of a city music scene. Her influences range from artists such as Amy Winehouse, Etta James and Joni Mitchell to Aerosmith, The Beatles and Arctic Monkeys.

Before all else, Lauren practices and shares a holistic, creative lifestyle. Finding inspiration in travel, faith, authentic love and living each day as a total badass. Notable venues/performances include Disneyland, California, Niagara Falls, Canada. World Cafe Live, Milk Boy Studios and the Children's Hospital in Philadelphia. Small Venues in Nashville, TV including Tavern '96, Just Love Coffee and The Cookery. Lauren lives in Nashville where she is studying music at Belmont University.

Currently, Lauren is recording and anticipating the release of her first EP on all major music sharing platforms. For more info follow Lauren on social media or send an inquiry via email.  


Lauren is available nationally and internationally for opportunities and performances.